Camino Nomad

Your personal camino companion

Made by a fellow pilgrim for easy navigation and convenience for walking the Camino de Santiago


Walking three Caminos, each time with one of my teenage kids, made me want to be a bigger part of the Camino community. That is why I decided to start Camino Nomad. I´ll be walking the Camino Frances and the Portuguese this year. See you on the road. Buen Camino. 

Free to use

The app is free to download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

No ads

The app is has no ads and no limitaions for free users.

100% Anonymous

No data is collected and your privacy is completely safe.

Plan Your Route

The camino app offers a lot of usefull information for your Camino Journey to make it easier along the way. These are just some of the features the app offers:

Exact distance and elevation

See distance and elevation on your daily Camino journey.

Easy to use map

See a map of the Camino with live location, so you can follow your trip.

Easy booking by app

You can see hotels along the route and book accommodation for the night.

Info on all accommodations

See details about accommodations with prices, facilities and more.

Multiple Caminos

The app has Camino Francés and Camino Portugues and more to come...


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